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The Dundas Learning Centre was established in 1996 in the basement of St. Paul's United Church. Shortly after, we moved into our current building, located at 15 Baldwin Street in Dundas Ontario, part of the city of Hamilton. The building is owned and maintained by the Dundas District Civitan Club, with whom we have a great working relationship.   


Providing an inclusive, safe, and holistic day program that focuses on empowering adults with developmental disabilities while building their education and life skills.


We are a life-skills based program for adults who have developmental disabilities. We focus on helping people further achieve their goals to become integral members of their communities and families. We assist our clients to build upon skills for effective communication, group interdependence as well as independence. 


With the life-skills aspect of our program, we support our clients in their goals to become more independent by engaging in activities such as, but not limited to, meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, and cleaning.  


The educational component of our program includes classroom learning, weekly trips to the local library and SmartBoard lessons. We also utilize our computer and iPad labs to help our clients to expand upon their education skills. 


We also encourage our clients to be mindful of their physical health. Our weekly trips to the bowing ally and swimming pool get us moving, and the option to sign up for in-house yoga classes and the use of our exercise room all promote physical fitness.

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